Educational Building Services

Educational Building Surveying Services

Cube have successfully secured over £5 Million for Academy schools in the past 3 years and achieved a bid success rate of 75% for their Condition Improvement Fund applications.

Experience has shown that highly targeted and Education Funding Authority specific need criteria must be met to ensure successful funding is achieved. Cube understand the process and only act for those schools who meet the essential need criteria. 

Providing strategic consultancy advice to both grant maintained and academy schools, their reputation has resulted in the supply of a range of services to over 20 primary and secondary schools.

Cube provide a turn-key service for their clients; surveying, analysing, preparing and submitting bids. Upon successfully securing the bid, Cube manage the entire tendering and procurement process before managing the delivery of the project itself. 

For schools becoming Academies or forming Multi Academy Trusts, Cube provide a highly skilled and commercial astute due diligence service to assist in the transfer of the built asset. 

Quantity surveying and health and safety

  • Contract administration
  • Project management
  • Cost planning and management
  • Feasibility reports
  • Tendering and procurement services
  • Value engineering
  • Whole life costings
  • CDM principal designer services
  • Academy school compliance audits
  • Due-diligence surveys

CIF Bidding Services

  • Defect analysis reports 
  • Budget costing 
  • Project planning
  • Project Costing
  • Needs reporting compilation
  • Bid preparation and written submission

Building surveying and asset management

  • Planned maintenance programmes
  • Asbestos surveys 
  • Stock and condition surveys
  • Fire risk assessments
  • Energy performance certificates (DEA/NDEA/DEC’S)
  • Capital works programme services
  • Local authority planning
  • Control applications
  • Measured surveys

Multi Academy Trust Services

      • Due-diligence advice (pre MAT)
      • CIF Funding

Maintenance planning services

  • Condition survey 
  • Budget costing 
  • Strategic planning

Strategic property planning

  • Condition survey 
  • Building and site analysis 
  • Strategic review

Strategic Property Advice

  • Planned Maintenance Programming 
  • Whole life costing Appraisals 
  • Classroom/Area Analysis 
  • Building and site analysis 
  • Strategic property planning 
  • Energy and utility services audits and contract re-negotiation

The Firs Lower School Extension Contract

Roofing Project
Alex Manuel MRICS
Location: Ampthill
2 Classroom Extension Project including refurbishment of cloakroom area to provide WC facilities for the extension block.

Overview:  Create an extension to provide two classrooms to replace the existing temporary accommodation, including refurbish an existing internal space to form the associated cloakroom facilities for 60 pupils. 
The Department for Education only allots 15% of its annual Condition Improvement Funds for school expansion/extension projects and as such they are proportionately difficult to secure funds for.

The Firs are one of many schools who are under pressure to provide school places for children. Bedfordshire is currently undergoing unprecedented levels of new housing and as a result its schools are trying to keep up with this demand.

Cube conducted an area analysis of the rise in local population and cross reference that data with the current capacity of the school to meet future demands.

In addition the school’s existing classrooms have reached the end of their life span and can no longer be considered fit for purpose.
Cube prepared and won a bid for a new two room classroom with additional cloakroom facilities.

Cube designed an extension to bolt on to the end of the rear part of the existing school, following identification of an appropriate  existing internal space for the cloakroom. Planning Consent for the scheme was obtained and Cube also assisted the school in 
obtaining a grant from the CIF fund to part-finance the works, the school having already obtained a large proportion of the necessary funding for the works from other sources, including considerable internal fund-raising efforts. Cube tendered and oversaw the works on site which have completed in February 2017.

Services Provided

  • Area and classroom Analysis
  • Bid preparation and submission
  • Tender and procurement
  • Contract Administration
  • Project Management
  • Design services and Local Authority liaison
  • Building Control approval

"I have found Cube have always provided us with sound professional advice and an unbiased opinion on how best to resolve problems. Their unique approach to tackling maintenance issues and planning for long term capital projects has helped us to focus on what is necessary and achievable within a very tight budget.

I would highly recommend Cube Building Consultancy to other schools that need assistance not only with their emergency maintenance cover but also their long term proactive maintenance and capital planning projects”

Celia Bennett, Business Manager

Alameda Food Tech

Roofing Project
Jim Mallams MRICS
Location: Ampthill

Contract Value: £85k
Full Refurbishment
6 weeks completion

Challenge: Client came to us late and stated they wanted to change their food technology room from 7 cookers to 15 and to have all new ceilings, lighting, flooring, walls, appliances and furniture. Work to be done over the school holidays 

Outcome: Design involved structured alternatives. Full Electrical and planning reveal, ceiling and light design. Work stations layout design including new presentation desk.

Services Provided

  • Full Design
  • Drawings and Specification
  • Procurement 
  • Enhanced design detailing
  • Project Management 

Wooton Upper School Roofing Project

Roofing Project
Alex Manuel MRICS
Location: Wootton
Contract Value: £1.5m

Period: 2014-16

Aim: To assist with an application to the ACMF for roof refurbishment works to the flat roofs on the main school buildings, and improvements to the fire alarm and emergency lighting system along with replacement fire doors to corridor.

Outcome: Cube have successfully secured three consecutive years of roof funding for Wootton Upper School.
The works were phased over a three year period so as to ensure the bids were successful and also to deliver the works during the limited summer holiday period.
Cube worked in partnership with the system manufacturer Garland to ensure all works were guaranteed and that only approved contractors were invited to tender for the contract.

Services Provided
  • Bid preparation and submission
  • Tender and procurement
  • Contract Administration

  • Project Management
  • Asbestos removal

HEART Multi Academy Trust

Roofing Project

Claire Young
Schools Project Officer

 Overview: HEART Multi Academy Trust consists of 4 schools looking to combine as a MAT. Advice was required on risks associated with taking on the leasehold of each school premises.

Outcome: As a result of the condition surveys undertaken it was recognized that Mechanical & Electrical condition surveys were also required. Cube has since organized these for the Client.

Services provided

  • Due Diligence advice (pre conversion to Multi Academy Trust)
  • Condition Surveys of four schools
  • Schedule of 5 year maintenance costs
  • Reinstatement Cost Assessments
  • Mechanical & Electrical Consultants appointment

Holywell Middle School M&E Contract

Roofing Project
Jim Mallams MRICS
Location: Holywell

Contract Value: £450k
Outcome: Cube were successful in winning the bid and looked to commence works as soon as possible. However, the design element of the specification could not be commissioned until the successful bidders were announced. This placed the original project’s timescale under early pressure to run the tender and design works concurrently. 

Very tight time frame to ensure the works would be fully completed within the 6 week school holiday period.
Required very close working relationship with the contractor and client so as to phase the works and ensure that the priority works were completed before the school re-opened in September.

Careful project planning with very little tolerance for any slippage resulted in a very careful procurement process with Cube interviewing prospective contractors and seeking assurances as to workloads and resources.

Services provided

  • Bid preparation and submission
  • Tender and procurement
  • Contract Administration
  • Project Management

Gilbert Inglefield

Roofing Project
Alex Manuel MRICS
Location: Leighton Buzzard
Contract Value: Jointly, circa £500k
Outcome: Schools need to meet statutory compliance health and safety requirements and as such the Education Funding Authority via its Condition Improvement Fund make money available to schools who can evidence they are need of such works.

These include asbestos removal, fire safety improvements and other works such as emergency lighting.

Cube in partnership with fire risk assessors and asbestos management companies undertake such audits and where appropriate compile evidence to support bids that are submitted for such funds.

Having secured funds for Wootton Upper School in order to address those areas found wanting in a fire assessment report, and delivered to the school a fire door replacement programme and updated fire alarm system. Cube were ideally placed to win the necessary funds for another local school (Gilbert Inglefield) where they too have benefited from a complete new system of fire doors and the removal of asbestos containing materials.

Services Provided

  • Bid preparation and submission
  • Tender and procurement
  • Contract Administration
  • Project Management
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