Cube Building Consultancy provide a number of services across the Commercial, Residential and Educational sectors.

Each service is tailored to individual sector needs and bespoke client requirements.

Cube seek to distinguish themselves by providing a flexible set of services and by ensuring client expectation is exceeded.

Cube always seek to procure local consultants and contractors all of which are placed on Cube’s select list once they have met certain accredited criteria.

Cube seek to ensure all services provided to their clients meet the highest standards of industry quality. 

Cube Building Consultancy blend experience with innovation and bring traditional best industry practice to newly emerging sectors such as Academy Schools and Multi Academy Trusts.

Cube seek long term partnerships with their clients and their supply chain and as a result offer a single point of contact for all existing and future needs.

Listed below are the surveys and services that Cube offer across the Commercial, Residential and Educational sectors. Cube also creates specific services and surveys to meet whatever their clients require and welcome any such enquiries. 

We offer advice and are always happy to do so.

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