Outcome: First time buyers who were naturally very cautious of both the entire conveyancing process and the amount of the financial investment. The couple were particularly concerned as to the quality of alterations carried out over the course of the property’s life. In addition to the comprehensive scope of the survey Jim conducted in-depth analysis of roof structure works and their subsequent load bearing capacities.

Jim liaised with partnering structural engineers and was able to provide verbal and written confirmation of the soundness of the structure. The couple were also interested in the possibility of removing internal walls to facilitate an open plan living and dining space and again Jim was able to provide them with details of what would be required and their associated indicative costs. The couple completed on the purchase.

Services provided

  • Full Building Survey

  • Defect Analysis

  • Repair Cost Schedule

"Of the alternative options, such as a Homebuyer's Survey, the full building survey represents exceptional value for money. The scope and depth provide enormous peace of mind and the opportunity to actually discuss at the property, both the surveyors' findings and ask about load bearing walls, and his advice as to possible planning permission, effectively influenced my decision to make the offer."